Swindon Station New Platform, Wiltshire, UK

Feasibility study into the provision of a new platform, Lead designer, including architect and M&E engineer, to provide the detailed design and supervision of the works
Carillion (formally Alfred McAlpine)
End Client:
Network Rail Great Western
HSBC Rail Business Awards 2004

A development of the existing station, the solution upgraded passenger facilities and considerably reduced conflicting train movements entering the station.

Acting as a Lead Designer, Tony Gee provided the design of the new platform including the associated track, building works and a subway. The new 300 m long platform was built over the site of an old platform that had been demolished many years before.

Other services included a Transco gas main buried in the subway floor and high voltage electrical supplies. A new 16 person lift and staircase were also required to provide access to the platform and its associated facilities, including substantial electrical works.

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