Nuffield and Worcester House, Smiths Wood, Birmingham, UK

Site investigation to measure the buildings and identify structural items and method of demolition. Report describing the safe method of demolition
Armoury Demolition and Recycling
End Client:
Solihull Council and Whitefriars Housing Group

Tony Gee was appointed to provide a full structural survey of the tower blocks to give a precise order in which the towers, so as could be demolished safely. This included a condition survey of the neighbouring properties within a 20 m radius of the tower blocks.

Due to legal constraints, there were no existing records of the tower blocks and their construction. This meant that Tony Gee had to identify every wall of the building in order to determine a suitable and safe method for demolition.

Tony Gee’s findings concluded that uncontrolled progressive collapse could be very likely. A careful and methodical sequence for demolishing the towers was developed to reduce the risks, together with early involvement of the HSE.

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