Grand Arcade, Cambridge, UK

Analysis of movements due to excavation of retaining wall, consideration of piled raft solution and general Geotechnical advice. Temporary and permanent retaining walls to basement service yard and multi storey car park
Giken Europe
End Client:
Grand Arcade General Partner Limited

A large scale new multi-storey development located in central Cambridge comprising a retail centre, a multi-storey car park and Magistrates Court. The development consists of a four storey steel structure with a double storey basement.

A critical phase of the project was the construction of the double storey basement, in the confines of a congested inner city environment. Silent piling systems were used for the construction of part of the basement wall, which was immediately adjacent to third party structures. Tony Gee provided technical advice on the design of a temporary sheet pile wall for the perimeter of the site.

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Grand Arcade, Cambridge