Copyhold Lane Cutting, West Sussex, UK

Remediation design for cutting slope over 200 m long
BAM Nuttall
End Client:
Network Rail South East Territory
Ground Engineering Awards 2009

Copyhold Lane Cutting, a 200 m long and up to 30 m high slope flanking one section near Haywards Heath, had started to stir and required a permanent slope stabilisation scheme. The remediation design was to regrade the top bulge of the slope whilst maintaining a normal service on the lines below.

Tony Gee completed a stabilisation design that involved regrading the top half of the cutting, with workers removing 6000 tonnes of material in tandem with long reach excavators – taking the slope angle down from 50° the horizontal, to 30°.

Tony Gee was also asked to propose an alternative design for the lower slope soil nails. The new design used flexible anchors at a shallower angle from the face, allowing the rig masts to remain more upright.

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